What Exactly Is Multi-Level Marketing? Boom Or Bust?

By Joe Burke

You can find a lot of misconceptions and a lot of undesirable press attached to network marketing and MLM - so what is multilevel marketing really?

In case you punch the question into Google you will get a whole bunch of answers. So are good but others cast dispersion on the industry.

What is Multi-Level Marketing?

Direct sales is a way of selling products by using independent distributors and business owners. The model has been around for over a century and it works extremely well. It delivers a superb opportunity for people to start their very own business and usually with little capital investment.

In comparison with a franchise, an MLM business is much more cost effective for most people. A franchise attached to a well-known company name can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Though theoretically it is your business, their can be rules that must be adhered to, according to your agreement as a franchise. Most also require a monthly fee.

Compare that to spending as small as $50 or as significantly as $2,500 to get started having a solid network marketing business that provides exactly the same revenue potential and you start to see the difference quickly. Plus, given that your upfront investment is less, so will be the downside risk.

If you join a network marketing firm as a distributor you operate as an independent contractor so there's a lot more opportunity to build your business when and how you wish, if you'd like. You'll be able to build your business full-time, part-time, on the web or offline. You are able to be open for business seven days a week or seven days a month. It's your business and the CEO of one's own business, you happen to be the boss and you make all the decisions.

Treat your business like a business and it's going to pay you like a business. Treat it as a hobby (as most people do) and it is going to pay you like a hobby. The decision is yours.

What exactly is Multi-Level Marketing? - It's About Leveraging

When I read or hear that multilevel marketing can be a scam, I had to shake my head. For any business to exist in retail, products need to be sold. Multilevel marketing is about selling products.

You are able to do this yourself however it makes more sense to recruit other people to assist you in moving these products. If I can only sell 100 products a month, the commission I make on these 100 products will probably be all I can earn. But if I recruit 100 people who may also sell100 products then I'm looking at 10,000 products getting sold every single month, and every single of those sales makes me a commission. It's really very simple.

The top MLM companies also supply incentives, so if I can sell X, Y or Z amounts of products inside a month, by means of my network of distributors I can earn a substantial bonuses.

This really is all about leveraging other people's time to produce more money for you. Your distributors may possibly only sell a couple of products a month - they could be content using a little extra money and have no wish to build their own downlines. Other individuals may be just like you and see the possible of leveraging other people's time and they'll go off and start recruiting their own team. According to the type of compensation system the firm offers, you'll most likely earn commissions from that other team's sales.

This can be recognized inside the business as true economic freedom depending on the concept of leveraged residual earnings. Not simply do you earn commissions on work you personally do, you're also rewarded for the time, work and sales your team produces too. But like any business, you will find no guarantees. What you put in is specifically what you get out. So the harder you work to build a team at the beginning, the more you are going to earn the rest of the life.

So the answer to, "What is multi-level marketing?" is basic. What do you need it to be for you? The model delivers an unlimited earnings opportunity for all those who get in and get busy. Will that be you? Only you'll be able to answer that question.

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