Getting The Best Workers For Your Firm

By Van Wildish

How do you compete in the highly competitive industry of sales? Hire top talent. What do you do with the talent once you get them in the door? Train the heck out of them. In this post, I will review how the leading sales company in Atlanta, Veritas Inc, identifies top performers. It turns out the Veritas Inc Atlanta employees enjoy quite a few perks that help to drive performance.

Veritas Inc Atlanta employees enjoy a nurturing and positive environment, but that doesn't mean they aren't competitive. Every employee at Veritas Inc Atlanta has an extremely competitive side to their personalities. In other sales and marketing companies, this could be a detriment for growth. In Veritas Inc, it is part of the secret to explosive growth.

While representing the company's current client in Atlanta, Georgia, the general manager at Veritas Inc reviews several expansion opportunities for ambitious employees. There is only one problem. All of the employees at Veritas Inc Atlanta are ambitious. Therefore, the management team is actively reviewing additional campaigns to put their top performers in charge of as part of the company's merit based advancement structure. But what makes a top performing employee?

Successful employees at Veritas Inc Atlanta have a great work ethic. No one is at 100% all of the time, but what determines an individual's success is what percentage they put in when they are not feeling up to it. Discipline and reliability are key components of work ethic. In order to succeed within Veritas Inc Atlanta, employees must have a great work ethic.

Communication with customers and between departments has also been another determining factor of top performers at the company. The company focuses on branding, sales, and customer retention. In order to complete these functions efficiently, it is extremely important that the company hires great communicators from day one. It turns out that it is pretty easy to train someone to perform well in a sales environment if they are naturally great communicators in the first place.

Although management at Veritas Inc Atlanta review results on a consistent basis and promote accordingly, one must achieve these results with integrity. The term integrity encompasses a wide variety of other traits, but in reality, it means the ability to be sound in one's beliefs. Someone that has a high degree of integrity performs the functions of their job regardless of the circumstances. Integrity means doing the right thing when no one is looking. When it may not even matter, people with integrity always do the right thing.

Veritas Inc Atlanta reviews the importance of having a great attitude on a daily and weekly basis with all employees. If you were to go to the bookstore and pick up any success book or self help guide, you will find chapters and chapters written on the importance of having a positive mental attitude. After all, it's not what happens to you in life, it's what you do with it after it happens. The person with the best outlook wins the race.

A manager at Veritas Inc Atlanta reviews these attributes of top performers: "While sales numbers, sales quality, and customer retention are incredibly important to us and our clients, there are certain things that cannot be trained. We hold these traits in high regard and a person's ultimate success or failure will be a result of these attributes." The management team at Veritas Inc Atlanta is serious about growth and one of the keys to this growth is hiring the right person.

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