Searching For A Marketing Dream Job? A Review Of How To Start Your Marketing Career

By Meredith Lee

Alright, you are in the want ads and you come across a sales position. You think to yourself, "This should be easy to get," but you then read on about event marketing and event promotions and you are all sorts of confused. Is this something you grasp or would it be too difficult to understand i.e. DMA Portland Oregon and the entry level job posting? Don't despair because there are plenty of folks just starting out in this field that are confused as well. So sit back and read a few ideas on how to review a sales and marketing gig.

Know your terminology. Now there are plenty of articles on the net to give you some basic information. These jobs require a person to know what they are talking about and it does no good to be rambling along if they do not have the facts and figures at hand.

Look at the training. These businesses are recruiting to not just fit butts in seats. They want go-getters for whichever field of marketing is required. This man has excellent verbal and phone skills but his computer savvy is a little off? Chances are they can work with them. An excellent illustration is DMA Portland has a training course for full-time workers that are ready to learn and get on track. You are looking at a full training course that will also include mentor-ship and consultations as well.

Take a peek at the job requirements. This will be on the first page of the job offer. Usually a 2 year business degree is preferred but the candidate with the right amount of work experience and street savvy might just fit the bill. This is one of the many questions that get fielded by the contact job seekers chat with. Oddly enough, DMA Portland's job requirements ask for the preference of a 4-year degree, professionalism and the hunger for success. Seems like a reasonable request to me.

Take in the long view. These companies are dealing with clients ranging from marketing, public relations, advertisement campaigns and increasing sales. This could be anything from lunch meetings, lengthy phone call updates and e-mails back and forth. Allowing ties to be bond with the clients, winning their trust and showing them hard work and results that are benefiting them.

Understand the main objectives. Drive and zeal are essential to this career. A company similar to DMA Portland Oregon is hiring people acutely aware of what is expected of them. Hard work, long hours and possibly weekends as well to get the job done and on time.

Grasping sales experience. Whether you are selling a used car, your old VHS collection on EBay or taking orders over the phone, experience does count in the long run. It exhibits that person's ability to interact with customer and showcases people skills. Being able to empathize rather than sympathize with a client and really tend to their needs.

Things can get a little daunting sometimes but don't be afraid to ask for clarification if you get stumped.

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