The Of Having Minute Books In An Organization

By Elena McDowell

An organization is a big group or an association which requires a proper planning and policies to enhance efficiency. These groups have numerous documents that they keep in their libraries. These books are very important to the organization since they keep all the records of the performance of the organization. The books kept by an organization include financial statement, employee detail book, register, the payroll and the minute books.

Proper book keeping is very important for the growth of an organization. It helps the management evaluate their performance through looking at the planned objectives and the actual performance. This information turns to be very crucial in the management when making any decision.

The phases of decision making process include the identification of the objectives. During this phase, several meetings need to be conduct to help the management get the best idea of what is to be done. This where the main objective of the decision to be made is clearly identified and defined.

To begin with, the junior employees may decide to hold meetings that concern their work environment as well as the condition and performance of their work. Here they tend to discuss very important information that would either lead to improved performance or decrease their level of production depending with the circumstance at hand.

Involving employees in any decision making gives them more courage and motivation to work extra hard to achieve the objective. It also gives them the motivation that of being part at parcel of the management.

A government agency may meet to evaluate their performance and even discuss the methods that they may use to offer the best services to the general public. This may include provision of essential public goods like clean water, roads, schools, hospitals as well as the electricity. They may also meet to discuss the issue of security measures in the country and look for the best ways of ensuring proper and effective security to its citizens.

The whole process therefore is combination of a series of meetings that are held to facilitate every phase of the decision making process. These meetings therefore require proper record keeping of all the debates conducted in all the meetings. This ensures that the information is available for future use whenever it is required, and that it becomes more relevant to the future performance of organization.

At the top most level we have the top management and the shareholder. Though they may not meet severally, but the decisions they make are very important when it comes to the overall management of the affairs of the organization. The often sit down to see how the can initiate certain projects that would maximize the wealth of the shareholders or the financiers of the organization.

The minute books has helped in the recording the information about these meetings. It contains the information of the reports of the performance of the organization, the relevant decisions made at each level of the management and in each meeting of the group conducted. It also contains the continuity and the progress made by each department of the group.

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