Professionalize Your Social Media Accounts

By Hedrick Lepsch

If there is anything out there that can damage your reputation more than anything before you meet a person, it is having an unprofessional profile on any social media account.

Thousands and thousands are making mistakes and leaving them up to be seen. So here is some thought provoking material on how to escape the unprofessional masses and get you above and beyond the squalor. It doesn't exactly take a social media education to figure these things out.

Second-Have passion for what you do. Often times, intellectual geniuses rely on the dreams of others even though they are really book smart. If you are a dreamer or a very passionate person you may have the ability to bring people together to get things done in a way these people cant.

Third- Rely on your social intelligence by being an amazing conversationalist. If you show confidence in the way that you address people and show that you care they will feel it and crave more.

If you are an academic or political scientist you may want to start critical thinking on your account. Sharing articles can build a reputable timeline or twitter account and people will be following your every move.

The reason why property management is so popular is because there are so many career options available to you if you have earned such a degree. For example, you can easily become an administrative services manager.

Be careful with all of the political statements you make, or the relationship statuses you make, or even the photos that you like. All of those things are able to be seen by companies and others. Less is more on facebook. This means that the less you have on there the less you have to worry about.

Also make sure that everything on facebook is up-to-date and accurate so that employers see consistency with your other accounts and what you are saying. Facebook is not the place to rant and rave. It is definitely not a place to share your emotional baggage so no matter how tempting it is, don't do it!

So learning to love those kinds of things and take out some of activities that may be putting you in the midst of "lesser minds", may be your best idea yet.

Seventh-Be mysterious and be interesting. Play off your diversity and let people see just enough to peak their interest and then leave them wanting more.

If you know that you have less than reputable friends making comments on your profile it is a good idea to start weeding it out and I'm not just talking "Farmville friends".

There are many other positions that are directly related to a property management degree. These positions include, but are not limited to: business teacher, management analyst, sales manager, storage and distribution manager, social and community service manager, and transportation manager.

So in order to get yourself out there in a good light you need to figure out how you want people to see you. Do you want to be the political activist that people defriend, the trendy individual who posts all the latest and greatest, or someone who consistently posts comments that make people think. All of these things can help in your social media educational experience.

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