Tips On Hosted PBX Canada

By Katrina Wheeler

Switches for telephone stations are known as Hosted PBX Canada (private branch exchange). Sometimes it also referred to as computerized branch exchange. A typical station comprises different branches its main function being to connect phone lines from and to the system. It also helps to record statistics, switching between phone users, metering and quantity linked to the activities of calling. Additionally they ensure that all the connections are intact and assist in hanging up when call have ended.

Different companies have varies use for the services. A lot of businesses are embracing these systems since it is possible to buy or lease just a single line to serve the whole organization. The single line will then be linked with all the phones in the premise. These different phones are widely known as extensions.

A complete station will consist of a micro-computer for data processing and control, (UPS) uninterrupted power supply, internal switch network, lines and switch boards. Today, thanks to technology the systems offer a number of services and functions some of which include call forwarding, auto assistance, customized greetings, caller ID blocking, do not disturb, reject anonymous calls and fail over.

Customized greetings is one function in the system, callers can hear customize greetings. Some use professional service actors to develop them while other firms used synthesized greetings. Auto attendant actually saves the company money. Hiring a full time receptionist is less very costly. Auto attendant performs most of the services of receptionist thereby making it a cheaper alternative. This is important is because clients especially new ones expect attention and as a result are greeted by the system and asked what option they would like to be assisted with.

In addition the business gets the chance to get rid of jokers and prank callers who have a habit of blocking their identities. Abusive and notorious clients are also put on the block list to reduce conflicts. Under those circumstances, no information gets through to the company and customers are politely notified that anonymous calling is not allowed.

People at times call business place at odd hours or at busy times. To risk losing clients a certain future informs them that the particular person is not available, in return the callers can be politely directed to voice mall or told to call another time. On the other hand the busy employee will not be inconvenienced. Likewise calls may be redirected to other lines where they can be assisted.

To understand clearly the concepts of using PBX some clarifications are in order. Internet is not included in the package; some systems may require the purchase of new phones since they can become incompatible with old phone. Auto-assistant does not mean auto-problem solver. It will require management intervention for some queries by callers.

Companies and business like to use them for a number of reasons. First, they are allowed to keep their original numbers, phones bills are individually, not to forget it saves on telephone costs. All in all hosted PBX Canada services may operate either on public switch telephone or through the internet or both at the same time.

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