Is SEO Still Effective?

By Meagan Smith

SEO is not dead, some people have completely abandoned the search engine optimization because of all the algorithm updates done by Google. The reality is that yes even though those updates are very annoying you should not give up SEO as part of your traffic strategy. Instead the goal is to adapt to the changes and avoid getting affected by any future updates.

One thing that has not change is the power of sitemaps, if you can create a sitemap search engines will easily find your content. A sitemap has two functions, to show users all the areas that are available to them on your site, and provides them with an easy way to find whatever they are searching for. Sitemaps are also useful indexing tools for search engines, it allows your content to get crawl easier by the search engine spiders.

If you upgrade your website often, you will get more attention from search engine spiders. Write quality content that people will want to share. Interesting content will also draw return traffic, especially from people who have recommended the content to their friends which can also help you create social signals.

If you want someone else to do your SEO work, make sure they are on the up-and-up before you hand over your money. There are tons of internet marketing businesses out there who charge high prices for bad work. Research their portfolio and see what past clients have said about their work before you make any decision regarding hiring them. Make sure they have updated link building strategies that are proven to work.

When trying to achieve higher ranking in search engines, writing unique content should be high on your priorities list. Interesting, original content ranks higher on search engines because it attracts more traffic. Visitors will stay on your site if you offer them unique content and useful information. As mentioned previously, you must understand SEO if you depend on your website for earning an income. Keep a copy of this article, and refer to it while you are putting its secrets to use. A well thought out and user friendly website will attract more potential customers and earn more money.

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