Getting Targeted Traffic With SEO

By Manny Rutz

We all want better rankings on the search engines but these days is getting tougher and tougher to get high rankings because it takes time and money. Finding reliable information that actually helps your SEO efforts is difficult considering everyone has different opinions about the subject. Achieving higher rankings can be very profitable, especially if you have an online store for popular niche, in this article we'll share a few tips to help you improve your search engine rankings.

Link building strategies change all the time, but because search engines are now focused on great content you should try to create quality content so you can ask other site owners in your niche to link to you. If they like and find your content useful they most likely will be happy to link to your page. Backlinks from .edu and .org sites are great sources to help you get better rankings because they consider this type of links very powerful.

Article marketing is a great strategy to not only gain easy backlinks for your site but also get targeted traffic for your website. Submitting articles is a great way to start generating quick traffic, you can attach links to your articles and gain powerful dofollow links. There are a lot of article directories and web 2.0 properties that allow external links, we recommend you pick at least 10-20 and start submitting content over time.

Try and establish yourself as an expert on your niche, things can chance when you are considered an expert in the field. This can really boost your Internet marketing efforts, because we all know that more traffic equals more sales. Using proper SEO on a designated niche site is crucial to getting your site and products found in searches. On site optimization is extremely important, for example proper use of description and meta tags can really give you an extra SEO boost.

Now just because you are not on the first page of Google does not mean that you shouldn't worry about sending traffic to your site. While you work on your SEO try to get referral traffic from places like video sites, social networks and article directories. Remember if people find your stuff valuable they will naturally link to it which will benefit your rankings.

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