The Important Aspects Of An Attractive Dental Office Design

By Angela Briggs

One of the valuable improvements that dentists can make is to invest in an appealing dental office design. This applies when dentists want to remodel their clinics or build new ones from scratch. Implementing certain aspects of design can help them create clinics that are user friendly, comfortable, quiet and productive. The common factors that dentists should address when they are designing their clinics include empowering personnel, controlling noise and ensuring that important equipment and materials can be easily accessed.

One of the essential elements of designing a dental practice is the size of the office. It should be large enough to accommodate the needs of your patients and personnel. As you plan the square footage of your clinic, you should also avoid unnecessary spending on floor space that will not be used. Furthermore, you should ensure that the space can accommodate the future plan you have for your practice.

The other important aspect of a well designed dental clinic is the centralization and streamlining of sterilization systems, labs and storage. Instruments should be sterilized using fast operating equipment. It is essential to ensure that your clinic is designed in manner that allows personnel to restock supplies quickly and easily eliminate outdated supplies. A streamlined inventory system also makes it easy for personnel to access supplies and prevents patients from viewing them.

Another characteristic of a well designed dental clinic is the presence of a sound proofing system. This system helps ensure that patients in the examination room or waiting room do not hear the sound of dental drills. In order to efficiently soundproof rooms in a clinic, dentists should also consider erecting physical barriers, installing modern wall and ceiling covers and placing windows and doors strategically.

The treatment room in your clinic should be efficiently sized so that you can reduce the costs of electricity and plumbing. They should have adequate space for important equipment to fit. You can partially enclose the treatment room with low wall partitions that have folding or sliding screens. You can also fully enclose it if it is large.

It is also wise to design your clinic in a manner that allows patients to enjoy an open and cutting edge waiting room. Avoid placing barriers between your front office personnel and patients so that the waiting room atmosphere will be pleasant and relaxed. You can also install wall speakers and soft lighting in the waiting room and place reading materials and comfortable furniture in it.

Caring for patients who are suffering from dental problems can be stressful. Therefore, dentists should think about creating an area where personnel can socialize and relax during breaks. Ideally, they should locate this area far away from the clinical space. It is essential for dentists to locate their private offices close to the clinical area in order to see what is going on in their clinics daily.

Another essential element of dental office design is lab links. The laboratory directly feeds resupply and it should therefore not be isolated. It is essential for a convenient and quick transfer to take place between these locations but they should be physically separate. The lab should have a door even if the amount of model work performed in it is minimal.

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