Proven Facebook Marketing Tips

By Joe Burke

As FaceBook grows on a daily basis it's influence grows with it. It is becoming a successful platform of marketing a small to medium sized business, and right here are some tips which will help you get your fair share in the Facebook fiasco.

Google's Matt Cutts recently announced that Google is increasingly building social media signals into their ranking algorithms. It might be time to start your FaceBook marketing approach or take a fresh look at everything you're doing.

FaceBook Marketing Tips #1

Supply incentives - Give your visitor excellent reason to Like your page - offer a useful incentive. "Like us on FaceBook and get (something relevant) Free!" Who couldn't resist? A coupon, trial or an eBook download is useful and can increase your fan numbers exponentially.

Don't dissatisfy people with your enticements though. Make these incentives valuable. Make it unique, important, and special to your particular niche.

FaceBook Marketing Tips #2

Stay in context. In case your speaking about video games try not to bring up shoes, or Jesus. Should you hold your content in line each time you remove the risk of people becoming side tracked or disinterested with your information. You've turn out to be sidetracked. Continue to ask yourself if the content your posting is relevant and in context till it becomes a habit.

FaceBook Marketing Tips #3

Use Pictures & Video - Don't forget that video is one of the most successful ways to get your message across and engage your audience. Make your own, or share others that are related for your subject.

Make your posts more enticing to click on by including photos. Having pics of other people or having people use a product associated with your topic is an advantage to have.

FaceBook Marketing Tips #4

Utilize Your Fans. If you can not think about a concept, just as your audience. Run a poll, request some involvement, ask them everything they might like to see uploaded. People will certainly be happy to contribute.

Always be sure to thank the followers and respond quickly to their posts.

Asking for assistance, asking a question, asking for an opinion is truly what it is all about. You're putting out an equation that's open ended and screams to be "solved" and balanced by means of the input of other peoples opinion or comments.

FaceBook Marketing Tips #5

Maintain the Momentum - So you've got hundreds of new likes by offering a free eBook? Congratulations. Now you must keep the ball rolling by continuing to provide valuable information and other incentives so those new fans will stay. Plan ahead. Make your followers feel like they're a part of a community and not just a name on a list of leads.

Yet another tip would be to cheer people up when they're feeling down! Post a funny thing or entertaining every single Friday, make April fools each and every month and keep it light and enjoyable.

FaceBook Marketing Tips #6

Have a Plan. Know what your going to upload a week in advance, from pictures and video clips, or your next enticement. Having a contest is a good idea - people will enter their name and email address, but this will certainly need a third-party application. Know Facebook's guidelines when it concerns this or your page could be closed down.

A contest can generally net hundreds or lots of Likes and email addresses if done correctly and shared within the community. The prize might be something of no financial value, but it still can be a very popular event.

FaceBook Marketing Tips #7

Keep Track with Monitoring. Know exactly just how your marketing efforts are doing by examining the numbers of users, followers, demographics, chats, etc. Making use of these numbers and statistics, you can easily offer folks precisely just what they wish - or at the very least, a good majority of them.

These are just seven Facebook Marketing Tips to get you started. Soon you will be capable of sharing a number of your own. Get yourself in the social arena and feel free to share your experiences with us!

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