Mistakes That Should Not Do In An Interview

By Joseph Jacob

If a job seeker is called for a job interview, it is truly a victory for that person because most of the candidates are not called for interviews. However, winning a job is solely depends on the degree of success he achieved during the interview. Most of the applicants fail during interviews due to the various mistakes they make. If you want to get a job, you must not make such mistakes during interviews. These are some common mistakes you should avoid.

* Not preparing for the interview

"Tell us the factors that you know about our company". This is a common query you get during most of the interviews. You must respond to this query properly if you want to satisfy them. If you could not respond this properly, it will be the ending. Hence, discover all the facts about the organization, its records, and its functions. There are various resources available to get information such as the organization's website and its Facebook page.

* Unsuitable outfits

You can choose the outfit according to the characteristics of the job. However, a professional outfit matches with most of the interviews. If you cannot choose what you should dress for the interview, you can examine the outfits of the employees of that organization.

* Poor interaction

If you couldn't keep a strong communication during the interview either verbally and non-verbally, they will not select you for the job. Hence, you must maintain a proper communication and body language.

* Talking unnecessarily

Do not attempt to tell your whole life stories to the interviewers because they do not need to listen. Always respond to queries simply and easily without going to describe your answers needlessly. Do not tell unrelated factors. Always tell necessary things only.

* Undesirable manners

Some applicants do not switch off their cell phones during the meeting. Some applicants do not think twice to answer telephone calls during the interview. Apart from that, some applicants demand drinks and food. Some candidates request to go to the bathroom. These are some undesirable things that you should not do in an interview. These can impact highly negatively to your career.

* Offering unequalled information

Sometimes, you may ask to fill an application form before or during the interview. Such forms may carry questions that ask similar details you have already included in your CV. Hence, make sure to give same details you provided with your CV. Do not give different answers to the same question. Maintain the consistency.

* Giving negative comments on past employers

Some candidates make negative comments about their past companies and criticize their flaws during discussions. Never create such errors even if they had such flaws.

These are some crucial things to remember about recruitment india.

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