Make A Splash With The Right Business Promotional Product

By Katrina Wheeler

To get your business noticed today is especially difficult. There is so much competition and trying to be seen can be frustrating. However, there is one marketing tool that stands the test of time and that's the business promotional product. Having the right item can bring customers looking for your service or product.

The basics haven't changed too much. Your company needs a strong internet presence, well developed and good quality marketing collateral, and an exceptional promotional item to share with potential clients. Everyone loves something for free so use that desire to give away items that establish your brand.

There is no limit to what you can choose or to spend on promo items. Whether you aim high with personalized sweatshirts, director's chairs, or wine totes or you just want a basic item, you can bring your ingenuity to the forefront. If you visit a promotional advertising page you will see that the products are endless for you to choose from to help your brand be noticed.

Having original products that reflect what your company does is the best way to tie your marketing to your giveaway. For example, if you are a technological company, you can go a very predictable but powerful route with an USB port as a giveaway. They will probably use that USB port quite often and that will keep your brand's name in their mind.

But what about thinking outside of the box a bit and give them a re-usable coffee travel mug, chances are they drink too much coffee. Then you know they'll be using your product daily, and it will be sitting on their desk for others to see. This ensures that your brand will be in their mind when they need a service you offer.

The correctly chosen marketing piece does something very important. It subconsciously keeps your product, goods, or services in a potential client's mind. It is said that people have to see things seven times before they will purchase something. With promotional items you are allowing for constant brand recognition to occur and then when they need you, they will call.

But while something commonplace can work as a giveaway, originality is also a good selling tool. If you use your imagination when picking your promo you can also make an impression on the person who might be your client. Think of something fresh but still desirable like ear buds, mouse pads, gumball machines, or even mobile device holders. Something needed but not the typical promotional gift will be appreciated and make an impact on a potential user of your service or product.

But the real reason to have these items is to make an impression, create business, and develop new clients. Therefore, mugs, notepads, post-its, and pens even though they are more commonly seen, can still keep your company's name in the forefront of a customer's mind. This alone makes them a good and powerful marketing tool.

Make sure when you have a great business promotional product that you make sure and give it to the right people. You want to give these marketing gems to individuals that will utilize your service or product so make sure you're at conferences, meetings, trade-shows, or events where they congregate. That way the money you spend on these exciting marketing tools will be well spent and you'll see real results.

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