Five Facebook Marketing Tips Every Social Media Marketer Needs To Know

By Ida Hart

Seeking the hottest marketing tips for Facebook?

You have choose the right place. This informative article covers five proven Facebook marketing practices that were designed to boost your online gains. Forget all of the old techniques that delivered sub-par results and start utilizing the top social network community for your benefit.

Facebook marketing allows small businesses to not only catch attention, but to develop more personal relationships with the public in time. My guidance has educated me in so many things when it comes to marketing and developing a brand. Here's one thing I became familiar with from the start - leaders do not ever hold back. The people at the front of success easily share critical information with other people and help them achieve their goals as well.

Here are some Facebook marketing tips that can help you get more traffic, leads, and signups:


Facebook Marketing Tips #1: Kick off your social media marketing promotion by making a page to make sure people can find you very easily. In time, you want to setup accounts on a few other social networking platforms as well to begin developing an online presence!

- Use professional photos and imagery

- Choose a 180x180px profile image

- Design an 815x351px banner picture

- NOTE: As mentioned in Facebook's terms and conditions, any textual content inside your Facebook banner must not mask higher than 25 percent of the banner area. When you're using Facebook paid ads, your ads could very well be declined if your banner fails to meet these rules.

Facebook Marketing Tips #2: Raise brand popularity and grow to be the expert inside your niche market to position yourself as a leader inside your community.

- Help to increase brand acceptance by upholding your page image constant such as a logo

- Wear similar apparel in all marketing videos and pictures so you will be more recognizable

- Select one specific niche and give useful content continuously

- Specialize in just one particular market in lieu of diverting over and over again

Facebook Marketing Tips #3: Make full use of Facebook applications to create "extras" that will increase the value of your page (like a pleasant welcome video, checklist, report, or e-book).

- Welcome individuals to your FB fanpage having a video that defines what they can expect so that they are more likely to "Like" your page

- These applications are an easy way to directly promote services or products

- Use Facebook Apps to provide valuable extras such as an e-book or checklist to inspire a healthier business partnership

- Use MLSP (My Lead System Pro) training seminars to offer value. Just check out the quick directions to put it together.

Facebook Marketing Tips #4: Design your page correctly and afterwards launch an ad to increase your fan-base or make contact with more individuals in FB groups.

- Fill in the Facebook profile wholly with all important info

- The niche-related keywords / phrases which you use in the About Me area are going to be identified by search engines so make sure to use savvy SEO when filling out that aspect.

- Buy advertising on Facebook to advertise your page and get more fans (if you possess the extra spending budget).

- Search FB groups for individuals with interest in your specialized niche and add these individuals as friends (be sure to glance at their profile page to find out whether they are going to be somebody you'll want to interact with). Connect with these people personally to create better associations.

Facebook Marketing Tips #5: Remember that interaction with your followers is way more important than the number of fans you have.

- Thriving businesses are developed by long-term, long-standing connections amongst the clients and the business or entrepreneur

- Make sure you reciprocate comments and contacts with individuals that display interest in your fan page or business.

- Stumble on additional Fan Pages in your particular topic and leave comments on them.

- Continuously add images and video to catch recognition (images and videos tend to be more eye-catching in comparison to plain textual content)

- NOTE: Increase page EdgeRank to gain added visibility for your posts. Accomplish this by engaging more individuals (posts, commentary, "likes", etc...) and pages in your network.

I do hope you noticed these Facebook marketing tips and tricks to be helpful. Utilizing this famous social network is certainly vital in today's online marketplace. Set these suggestions into action and experience an increase in interest, prospects and earnings to your business.

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