3 Rules That Great Product Managers Use To Succeed

By Ben Goldstein

Over the years I have teamed up with quite a few product managers in high-tech businesses. It became evident to me that all exceptional product managers have in common a set of behaviors that I will show you with this article.

Socialize ideas and decisions: Humans are naturally resistant to change. If you are preparing a big modification to the product, it's business case or it's positioning, ensure that you socialize the idea. If the change has to be permitted in some board meeting, make certain the session is a non-event, the decision makers must have made a choice to give green light already in advance of the meeting. If you fail to complete this, these meetings will be chaotic, and you might possibly end up receiving guidance that you are not really prepared to deal with.

Be an expert: A product manager is a leader in product development. You set the goals for what the product is. You put in priority the requirements. It is a crucial role, it steers what others will work on. Ensure that you display authority in your choices. Ensure that you can effectively substantiate your decisions. Understand how to broadcast the decision to your different teams. Technologists quite often like to be taken through the substantiation first and than be presented with a determination. If they feel they need to, executives want to hear the executive summary first and dive deeper.

Be passionate (or fake it): No one will want to work on or support a product that they can't swear by. Your role as a product manager is to make employees believe in the product. That means you must be passionate about the product. In the event that you simply cannot do this, attempt to switch over to a product you feel better about or fake your excitement.

Finally: I think by now you can tell that the job of a product manager demands several different competences and an ability to effectively collaborate with various types of people. With this article, I have attempted to explain a number of the qualities that professional product managers have in common, I hope it helps you in pursuing your career in product management.

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