Using Facebook Marketing For Your Business

By Meagan Smith

You already know how big Facebook is in the social space, it's actually the #1 social networking site on the internet. With millions of people in the site everyday there is no doubt that you can use the massive popularity of Facebook to build a bigger targeted audience for your business.

Your very first step to take advantage of the Facebook wave is to get yourself a fan page for your business. This will be your business page which you will use to engage with your customers and make sure you provide an excellent customer service. You can also use it to provide tips and add value and information about your products and services. Connecting with your audience will also help your business reputation.

Keep in mind that your success on Facebook depends on what type of content you are posting. The number one goal is to drive as much traffic as possible for your blog, website or online store. However if you really want fast results paid Facebook ads are the best way to reach thousands of people with a click of your mouse.

There are many people who do Facebook advertising the wrong way, while others think that they need a big advertising budget to get started. The truth is you can get started with as little as $5 per day and slowly increase your budget to $10, $100 or more depending on what type of results you are generating from your advertising. When it comes to targeting Facebook is very flexible, they allow you to target individuals by age, sex, interests and anything you need to target the right visitor for your website.

Keep in mind that you should also focus on growing your Facebook page organically by sharing and posting content that people will like and share. You can also offer discounts and offer prizes to fans for sharing and inviting others to check out your page. There are many things you can do with Facebook but remember that taking action is the most important thing, don't be afraid to test the waters and see how you can use this giant social network to your advantage.

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