Prospering Wrestlers & The Idea Of Custom Print Shirts

By Robert Sutter

If you have made a name for yourself in professional wrestling, it is very likely that you're going to have merchandise made for yourself. All you have to do is look at some of the most popular stars in WWE to see what they have in store. It seems like just about everything from wristbands to garden gnomes have been crafted for them. Tees are important as well and I have to believe that wrestlers who are starting out could actually benefit greatly from custom print shirts.

It seems like there are many different stars to consider when it comes to NXT but do all of them require merchandise? Like I said before, the most popular of stars are going to have their own clothing and what have you since fans enjoy those most. They want to be able to show support for their most beloved personalities and certainly stars on NXT are able to gain favorable reactions as well. If you want examples, I can name off the one that I have made of note of the most.

My absolute favorite performer on NXT right now has got to be Emma, who has won fans over with not only her extensive wrestling talent but her fun character. Specially, she is known as a dancer who seems to be wrapped up in her own world that no one else could possibly comprehend. She refers to her dance as the Emmalution, which is more than enough material to put on a t-shirt. In fact, she has been able to do exactly that but it seems like she has the only Emmalution shirt.

I believe that this should be where creation of custom print shirts should come into play, at least on a more constant basis. Emma already has many fans on a more cult-like status, given the fact that NXT is not shown on television. Many of these individuals are older fans who have the means to purchase such items and I have to believe that they would do so in order to show their support for many stars. If you ask me, this is where companies like East End Screen Printing should come into effect.

In fact, I can only imagine just how many shirts would be sold if NXT decides to open up its own line of merchandise. To me, many of these stars are going to go to greatness once they are called up on TV so why not allow fans to show their support early on? If nothing else, it could prove to be another example of a moneymaker for WWE in general. It's clear that their developing stars have fans of their own; it's just a matter of bringing such stars to the next level.

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