Pre Production Checklist

By Joseph Allan

In all walks of life, I'm terribly unorganised. I don't have a fixed location for anything, be it keys, mobile phone or even the bacon sandwich I'd misplaced two days ago, (turns out I'd left it in the shed while looking for the dustpan). In fact I recently found out my housemates have made a habit of hanging up my keys whenever they see them somewhere they know I'll never find - and I'm sure they're sick and tired of the phrase "can you ring my phone?".

Whether you're creating a video for a movie, or a small accountancy firm you need to have your head on straight, keeping your goals and objectives clear and ensuring that anyone working on the project with you understands your vision.

When I'm editing I often find I have the same problem. In one project I'll have an extensive list of of unnamed sequences, audio tracks and a bucket-load of footage to contend with. Finding one short clip will become a ten minute long treasure hunt that only adds to the stresses of video production. What is easily forgotten is that there are very basic techniques that can be used to speed up the production process monumentally.

As the LAMBDA video emphasis', another essential part of pre-production can be to establish a treatment outlining the objective of the project and intentions so everyone involved understands what the final goal is. As I have said and cannot stress enough how key it is to have everyone in the group on the same page and working collectively. Without a well functioning team, relationships and interactions may become very tense when working so closely together on a project that means a lot to everyone.

Looking back at when I started becoming interested in filming and production I did not recognise the significance of storyboarding until it was way to late - on the day of filming when things became very intense and stressful with the deadline rapidly approaching. Without a structured storyboard the day was very unorganised and unenjoyable. I have however, learnt from past errors and since then have made sure that a well thought through storyboard always features in the pre-production process. Making sure that it continues to develop and progress all through the entire planning period to ensure that we are all happy with the end result.

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