Closely Guarded Secretes On How To Make Money From Home

By Shelley Scott

If you are like me, when I was first learning how to make money from home on my computer, I would work at it morning, noon, and night. I didn't really know when enough was enough - it was like I just didn't know when to quit! I constantly felt that if I wasn't at my computer working, then I was wasting time that could be spending making money.

I also found that I was spending less and less time with my family and friends, as well as not keeping up with my workout routine, proper eating habits, and sleep schedule. Not to mention, I wasn't taking the time to enjoy any of the things I used to take time out for - like going out to a movie, lunch with friends, or any of my old hobbies or interests.

Make Money At Home: The Creative Route

Look around your home and notice the small and unique touches that you have put in it. The intricate flower arrangements, the embroidered cushions, and the hand painted pots can be converted into opportunities to make money at home. If you are musically inclined, start music classes in your spare time and make money at home.

Other common talents that help you make money at home are baking, crafts, dress-making, and painting. These not only serve as an alternative to a work at home job by helping you to make money at home, it also helps you to derive some creative satisfaction.

You wouldn't have to take a great big risk - we're not talking about you quitting your job, or changing careers here. We're just talking about you taking the time to pick something you would like to try.

The technology revolution has resulted in making the concept of work at home job a reality. Today many organizations have realized that an employee seeking a work at home job can be as productive as an employee working at their premises. If you have prior experience and the necessary contacts, a work at home job is your key to make money at home.

Companies with whom you have been associated can be approached for assignments. Short-term assignments can become a full time work at home job if you are a diligent worker. Some examples of professionals in a work at home job are research analysts, typists, proof readers, and writers.

1. Establish a firm, regular work schedule - and stick to it.

- You must not worry about the outcome, doubt that you can do it, or fear what people are thinking about you.

- You will not use this time to think about your failures, or worry that you don't have the time, or that this just isn't like you.

4. Take a real "lunch hour" - go somewhere like a park, or deli, or out with a friend.

- You do not have to go over your agreed upon hour by even one minute if you don't want to. But you must commit to not less than one hour - one focused, honest hour.

I would have to say that if you choose one business that you truly love and enjoy, and you consistently and faithfully work your hour, doing the most important parts of your business, you will experience success. Why within 2 short years you would be well on your way to financial freedom.

Hundreds of sites tell you how to make money from home. Schemes claiming to make you a millionaire within months abound. Before you fall for the get-rich-quick schemes, remember that there are no short cuts. Do enough research by browsing the various 'Learn how to start an online business' articles. These tips will help you to choose a good option and will help you to earn without compromising your other priorities.

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