Advantages Of Project Tracking Software

By Max Humphreys

Since I cannot very well look over their shoulders all day 24x7 or ask them what they're doing each 5 mins, I depend on project tracking software to give me the info I need. The program I am now using is a bit outdated, so I am window shopping for a rather more complicated package -- which ought to be much easier now that I know precisely what to search for.

The first thing I look out for in project tracking software is simplicity of use. I need a programme with a simple interface that may take me mins to get into the swing of, not days. All the functions and menus should be obviously labeled and easily accessed so I haven't got to go hunting around for whatever I need. I know this appears like a glaring feature to request, but you would be surprised at how complicated some of today's project tracking software really is!

Making project reports. Apart from creating the actual project plan, a project tracking software also usually has the capacity to let the user draft reports on each project in the plan template. Possibly, he can even create presentations with this software. This way, whenever the user has to deal with something that is related to his projects, he no longer has to bother with various other software programs (i.e., which to open, MS Word, PowerPoint, or Outlook?) or files (i.e., what file name or folder name he has saved his project in); all he has to do is to run the project tracking software, select the tasks in question, and everything will be there, including his presentation for their upcoming board meeting.

Create a timeline for every project. Aside from making plans and reports on every project, a project tracking software would also play a kind of organizer function for the user - it would tell him just what needs to be finished when, as well as let him create a sort of calendar of activities for each activity.

I've learned the tough way that project tracking software can't actually be evaluated just from one or two screenshots and testimonials from other customers. The easiest way to determine if the programme fits my wants is to try it myself, explaining why I insist on testing a demonstration version before I buy anything. Fortuitously, most project tracking software makers are very accommodating in this respect, so I am sure I may be well placed to get a preview before spending any money.If you are wanting to make an analogous investment for your business, I suggest following these rules to be certain that you get the very best product practical.

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