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By Cornelius Nunev

Desktop and laptop search for Gmail, contacts, calendars and more, even in the cloud, is not something brand new. But when it comes time to search by means of smartphone, Gmail search is deficient in speed and capability. With CloudMagic, however, cloud search across multiple platforms by way of mobile is easy.

Mobile industry sees CloudMagic

CloudMagic has been accessible on larger devices for a while but only recently did it make a splash in the mobile market. The move followed a major service update last fall, when Twitter updates were integrated in search results and their move to cloud computing began. Now, Gmail, contacts, calendars, Twitter, Google Docs and more could be indexed in the cloud via OAuth technology.

According to TechCrunch, CloudMagic is actually "surprisingly fast." The service is much better than the built-in search feature found on smartphones, which is a lot like the Google Search mobile application, according to N.R. Chirag. Chirag is a CloudMagic and Bangalore Institute of Technology representative. The program can be found on both Android and iPhone smartphones.

"It is not only faster than native searches, it integrates your personal data across different online services. It is like one search box and you can search across all your personal data," he said. "Indexing Google and Twitter services is a start. There are many more to come. With the increasing online services, we believe one needs a fast integrated search."

As reported by TechCrunch, Greplin has more services to offer than CloudMagic including Dropbox, Tumblr and LinkedIn. This is why CloudMagic might have to add a lot more services if it is going to succeed.

Started as a browser plug-in

Even though CloudMagic was released in 2010 as a Chrome and Firefox browser plug-in, it is not required to use the smartphone app. You are able to still use it if you would like access to CloudMagic search in Gmail and Twitter. The plug-in at first was able to index Gmail and Google Apps data.

Type anything into search

You can search anything with CloudMagic. One example would be searching for "filename: pdf." This would search for every little thing with a PDF attached to it. It used to be that email search on an iPhone only allowed you to search the From, To, Subject and All sections.

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