What's Article Marketing?

By Joe Burke

What is article marketing? Briefly it's an incredibly effective way of broadening your reach for your target audience and establishing credibility. Effective article marketing also drives site visitors back to your web site.

What exactly is Article Marketing? How does it Function?

When content is written to be distributed to article directories, the advantage is that you will be allowed to leave at the very least one backlink for your personal web site. Excellent high quality article directories also attract thousands of guests daily looking for specific data and answers to their concerns.

Whenever you submit an article you select which category into which it best fits. You also get the opportunity to construct a bio box. These can usually consist of a photograph which makes your profile considerably more desirable and individual, plus you are able to explain a little about your business as well as your life which assists to build relationships and establish trust.

A superb well-known article directory can be a good source of leads and sales for you as well as your business. It could also be a great source of additional info you might need to have even though researching a new project or perhaps you are trying to find further free content to republish on your own sites. In the event you do republish content from an additional author you must keep the author resource box intact and there is certainly the potential for being slapped for having a duplicate content penalty which we'll talk far more about in a minute.

The biggest benefit to adding article marketing to your business model is it helps you promote your product or services by leading with worth versus a sales pitch. No one like to be sold anything but we do undoubtedly prefer to purchase. So the goal would be to educate, entertain and engage your readers first, make an excellent impression and then ask for their business.

What's Article Marketing's Advantage with SEO?

The key to getting your net pages and posts to rank on the search engines will be to get other internet sites to link back to your pages. Exactly, the same SEO advantage exists in the "what is article marketing" equation. Ensure to optimize your article to rank on search engines by putting your primary key phrases in the title and all through the physical copy. Write for the reader but hold the search engines in mind also.

Each directory will specify how many words minimum it needs, 500 to 700 words is optimum along with the article ought to be structured to be simply readable. Incorporate bullet points and subheadings wherever possible, and keep paragraphs short.

Remember article marketing is about supplying help and information to your target audience. In the event you make your article a sales pitch it will be a big turn off. You could even be asked to resubmit it with out any references to your products.

EzineArticles.com is by far essentially the most well known article marketing directory although there are a minimum of 50 others well respected directories. If you're unsure about a directory's recognition, it is possible to check their Alexa ranking and Google page rank.

What's Article Marketing - Avoiding Duplicate Content Penalties

By now you should realize that search engines are seeking original content so if you're going to submit your article to dozens of directories then you have to make sure that you have the identical link pointing back for the original article.

The key is always to use automated or semi-automated software that "spins" or slightly adjusts the original article to create numerous copies that say the same factor utilizing various functions. Then submit these new, unique articles to the directories.

Some automated submission applications also provide to spin articles so they are "original" when they get to every single individual directory. Issue is right after a single spin your much thought out well written article will probably be gibberish AND it'll nonetheless have your name attached to it. Not something you'll be proud of!

So what exactly is article marketing - it's an incredibly useful way of getting the word out about you, your product and your web site but what you submit really should be high quality and not just blasted out to the world in order to acquire a few worthless backlinks.

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