The Correct Height For Hanging An ADA Sign

By Don Etherton

Businesses must be careful to comply with ADA sign guidelines. It is important that they understand the regulations set out by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Signs must be mounted at the correct height and in the right locations to be compliant. Proprietors need to know the exact measurements necessary for hanging the signs.

In order for businesses to be in full compliance with the law, the signs need to be hung at a specific level. For the proper effect they also need to be placed correctly. There are specific guidelines that regulate how signage is to be mounted.

To be in complete compliance with the ADA specifications, the measurements must begin at the ground or floor surface and go up. A floor surface can be any finished surface that has a covering such as carpet or tile. A concrete floor is considered finished and the measurements are to start at that surface.

Measuring always starts at ground surfaces and ends at the bottom of the letters on the sign that are raised. There can be more than one line of raised text on the signage. Painted, decal, or graphic letters or symbols are not considered raised and should not be included when measuring.

This signage is to be mounted at least forty eight inches, or four feet, from the floor. Start measuring at the surface of the floor and stop when you reach the specific measurement. When the distance from the floor to the bottom line of the raised letters of the signage is four feet, your placement will be correct.

There are additional specifications for properly hanging an ADA sign that should be considered. For example, there may be a difference in how to measure if there are multiple lines of raised text. It is a good idea to check with a state or federal ADA specialist to make certain that you have the correct information.

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