How To Double Your Exposure With Article Marketing

By Joseph Stan

There's no doubt that one of the best methods of traffic generation is article marketing. Even though over the past few years some directories have been hot with various hits from algorithms updates by search engines is still a very powerful way to generate traffic and links to your sites. The more articles you published, the more traffic you will get from your articles. The concept is quite simple, the key is finding popular directories.

If you want to boost readership you need to create articles that are designed to create controversy and curiosity. People like controversial articles and content, usually those attract many readers and comments. You can apply this method of controversial writing to basically any niche you want. One important aspect to remember is to not take sides, keep your articles generic about a product or whatever your niche is. You want to make sure you attract as many readers as possible.

If you can try to post your original article on your blog first instead of submitting it directly to an article directory. Your original article should be on your site and then you can use a spinning software to submit spun versions of your article to multiple directories to create backlinks. These an old but effective strategy to increase your search engine rankings fast.

A good tip is to make sure you include your bio information in the directories you use the most. Your profile will tell your readers that find your articles that you are a real person and also include a link to your site. This process makes it easy for all your readers to put a face and site with your content.

When you are writing your articles they should not sound like promotional sales pitch or ads. Keep in mind your readers are looking for information and they want to find it on your article. If your article sounds like a sales letter from the beginning then they will exit the page.

Article directories are designed to be used by people who simply want to share content and opinions for free in exchange for traffic and link juice. The more quality content you have available out there the better your results will be in the search engines. In the end is about driving targeted traffic and generating more sales through your articles.

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