Helpful Guidelines To Know About Portable Tanning Beds

By Veronica Cappelletti

Are you on the move? Do you feel bogged down with daily life events but can never make it to the gym or the salon? Portable tanning canopies can help fix that problem. As you may know, UV lights are used in tan beds, and it is just your skin's mechanism of defense responding to the UV lights.

While you may be considering taking up tan sessions, there are some things you should do to protect yourself against UV exposure from portable tanning beds. Portability is important. Portable tanning Canopy beds let you get that tan you want on a sunless winter day, but they also offer flexibility. This doesn't mean that tanning is all around safe. While heeding your doctor's warnings, you can maximize the benefits of your portable tanning equipment by following a few simple guidelines.

Some recent studies review the effects of ultraviolet light such as proving an ample supply of vitamin D for individuals. Though a portable tanning bed is smaller, they still offer a good dose of vitamin D. The past decade yielded astonishing results of health benefits for the human body when using portable tanning equipment. Some researchers assert that malignant melanoma is not necessarily associated with portable tanning beds but more so with the sun.

The real cause of malignant melanoma is caused by severe burns, like the ones most people got when they were kids. If you work with occupational hazards, such as working outside in the sun all the time, you might be surprised to know that your hide is likely stronger against UV exposure than fair skin on individuals who don't get exposed to the sun a lot. Tanning your hide actually provides it the protection it needs against the Sun's strong UV rays.

It is natural to assume that one can train the human hide to protect itself against melanoma. There are some studies that indicate a higher occurrence of melanoma in individuals that have a vitamin D deficiency. There are a lot of lotions that contain various antioxidants and moisture for the skin and will provide reliable protection against ultraviolet rays.

Using certain lotions can aid in the faster progression of activating melanin cells. The result is a deeper tan color. Some lotions can increase blood flow which promotes darker pigment. Using after tan lotion can cool and firm the skin. Not using the lotion may make the skin wrinkle more than it would without the lotion. Virgin olive oil is said to have anti-aging effects and is another alternative.

If you have been to a salon, you know that a bathing suit is recommended. If not, your sensitive areas of your body can be harmed by unprotected exposure to UV lights from portable tanning equipment. If you don't want tan lines, you can look for clothing that that provides that benefit. The key to minimizing your risk and maximizing your gain is to control your sessions with responsibility.

A full-sized bed can be expected to take up around 3 1/2 feet wide and 6 1/2 feet long. The average size of a full-sized bed takes up around 7 1/2 feet long and 4 feet wide. A commercial bed can weigh up to 1500 pounds, which would make it difficult to lug around. There is an alternative such as portable tanning equipment.

A good alternative to getting a full-sized bed is to get a portable tanning canopy. The canopy is quite popular because their minimalists design. For example, if you are on the move a lot, or you live in an apartment, a portable tanning canopy makes more sense. A quality portable tanning canopy bed will probably weigh around 200 pounds, but it does not feel that way because of their frames and their wheels.

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