QR Code Business Card Applications

By Stephen Franklin

QR codes are everywhere nowadays from television shows to newspapers. Everyone is talking about this innovative piece of information storage and plenty of stores have already rolled out their own implementations. Companies and individuals have even tried to embed them in business cards with great success.

QR Code Business Card

The QR code provides added value to a card in that it can contain useful information that would otherwise be difficult to fit in such a small space. Examples of these are:

Contact Info

The contact information contain on the card may be compressed into a QR code that others can scan using their smartphones. With just be tap, they will be able to acquire all of your information and store them electronically. This is so much more convenient than having to type every detail one by one.


An excellent way to expand the capabilities of the code is to embed a link inside it. The link could open up a web page that contains much more information than what could fit in such a small space. This could be a link to a particularly interesting part of your website, your profile, or a video wherein you talk more about yourself and your business. Make it a pitch to entice the contacts to do business with you and tell them how it would be of benefit to them.

GPS Maps

A frequent complaint among business contacts is that they have a difficult time finding certain offices when they want to drop by. Don't frustrate your clients! Use the QR code to embed the coordinates to your office to ensure that clients can find it quickly using a GPS navigator. All they need to do is scan it with their smartphones and they will be able to acquire the info.

There are so many new technologies that are coming out and we should take advantage of them to promote our business. Doing so gives the impression that you are a tech savvy entrepreneur.

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