James Malinchak Five (5) Myths You Have Been Brought To Believe About Becoming Financially Free

By Matthew Maxwell

There are five myths that I talk about all of the time as I wish to tell everyone the truth that dispels most of these myths. You'd think it would be easy to convince people of the truth. However, the ingrained beliefs that we've learned since the day we are born seem hard to shake. Despite your preliminary misgivings, I'd like you to be open minded about what I'm sharing with you. Once you consider the reality of such myths, I'm certain that you'll realize that that which you have been taught all along is wrong!

Asking people to escape from the beliefs they are taught, by trusted parents, grandparents, church leaders, teachers, and partners, are tough. Understand that I do not would like you to be angry at these trusted people for teaching these myths. Recognize that these folks were also taught these myths and believe them to be true. It is not their fault, which is not your fault. The great part is that you simply knows the truth now, as well as in kind, you can help them learn the errors of the ways, too. Then, they can escape from the patterns which were holding it well.

These myths are relatively easy. The very first myth is "Money is detrimental." Since funds are just an item, money cannot hold a characteristic of good or bad. Money can't be evil because it does not have any conscious mind to direct intention by any means. Folks have money. Both good people and bad people can have access to money. Whatever they decide to do with their money is what determines the end result of the situation. In situations where the church asks for donations and tithing, the greater the money the greater the good. Same applies in your life and your business. I'm assuming you're a good person. If so, then you will decide on better things with all the monies that arepaid in exchange for the services you receive.

"Motivation is perhaps all you need" will be the second myth. If only it were true when i meet numerous motivated people. However, they are broke because they're conditioned to do items that usually do not profit them in any way, shape, or form. Motivation once you have the best program's wonderful. However, motivation without design, without marketing, with out a mentor is motivation wasted spinning your wheels. Fitting right along with this myth is the myth of "Work Harder." Again, you are able to work harder all you need, however, if you might be focusing on the wrong thing, you are not getting any further ahead. Much more likely, you are receiving further behind!

The last two myths are "You could do it alone" and "It takes several different ideas." These myths frustrate me as I see entrepreneurs succumb to this belief system on a regular basis. To begin with, they don't realize that everyone that I see make it big are people who invest in having coaches and mentors. Do it all yourself is frustrating, especially when you don't have the experience and understand how to do any different. One other myth is even more frustrating because sometimes all it takes is just one idea and these entrepreneurs are running here, there, and everywhere! Steer clear of the ideas and just concentrate on one thing until you have mastered it. Then, you can move on to something different if you believe you need to. However, often millionaires choose one thing and stick with it for life or until it can make them millions!

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