Full Service Boat Service And Maintenance Offered By A St. Petersburg Marina Company For Your Convenience

By Arthur Albao

St. Petersburg marinas offer many services for boat owners. Someone who owns a boat, and docks it at one of the many marinas in the area, may enjoy day trips or longer excursions to other locations. It may require extensive time to make and confirm plans for such a trip. He may not have free time to take care of all the details.

Making use of one or more checklists can make it possible to prepare without the assistance of a travel agent. The owner or person who captains the boat must keep a lookout at all times when the boat is on the water. He must be cognizant of all navigational rules and regulations.

If a radio is kept on that is tuned in to the right station, the captain will be immediately informed of any dangerous weather conditions. If people in another boat are in danger, if they are close enough, the captain must offer some kind of help. Leave a float plan with someone on shore for your own safety.

Many captains take a seminar on safety. In spite of previous training, it is always helpful to have a refresher course as well to learn what is new in boating safety. Knowing what to do when a storm strikes is crucial.

There are terms a sailor should be familiar with that allow for accurate exchange of information in case of an emergency. For example, the front of the boat is the bow and the back is the stern. The captain will be able to quickly communicate with a crew through the use of these terms.

At this time, a new plan is in the design phase for a new pier to join the list of St. Petersburg marinas. It is going to be a beautiful landmark when finished. Boaters who dock there will have access to Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. It will have first-rate amenities including shopping venues.

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