Established Roofing Contractor In West Bend Provides Commercial And Residential New Roof Installations

By Nelson Clodfelter

When looking for a roofing contractor West Bend is an ideal place to find one that is reliable. This construction contractor specializes in building, repairing and weather proofing roofs. These highly trained employees are referred to as journeymen.

A roof can come in all colors, textures and materials. An experienced journeyman will be able to offer a recommendation on the best type for each building. In a warm climate, a flat roof is trouble free. But, in a cold climate, when snow collects on the flat surface, it can cause damage. Often, the snow is swept off to protect the roof.

Environmentalists welcome the popularity of the white roof. It is reflective and made of thermoplastic, which is a lightweight material. It is an energy efficient installation and there are State and Federal rebates offered as an incentive for homeowners to choose this type of roof.

A reflective roof is attached in one of three ways. The retrofit installation places it over metal plates and welds it to them. Fully adhered means the membrane is bonded to the substrate in place. A mechanical attachment makes use of metal fasteners.

Polyurethane foam roofs are sprayed on, resulting in a smooth surface. There are rubber roofs, ones that are shingled and those made out of metal. When roofing with shingles it is possible to apply them over a previous layer of shingles. If there are already two layers in place they must be torn off before the new ones can be put into place.

If you want to hire an experienced roofing contractor West Bend is the ideal place to find one. Check for good qualities such as references, a good reputation and possibly some examples of work that was done. You will also want a reasonable price. A new roof will be covered by a warranty. It is a home improvement that will last for many years, possibly decades.

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