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By Jack Sweeney

The Market America concept came into existence in 1992 and its major aim was to specialize in the retailing of consumer goods in the healthcare sector. In particular, it retails in beauty and personal care products. The distribution of these products is based on a unique network of a marketing business model specifically targeting home based business owners who are empowered to sell and promote these products.

From the time the company was inaugurated, more than 500 members have joined and have transacted business worth 3 million dollars. These beauty and health products are shipped across the world irrespective of the consumer geographical location. The initial target for the products was the United States, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan but now the market has expanded to rest of the world. The headquarters of Market America is in Greensboro, NC, where their state of the art warehouse is also based.

With this growth and employment opportunities, there have been some Market America reviews which are negative. To come up with a review, you must be part of the product through usage or distribution. The amazing part of the negative reviews is that they are all from distributors who have failed to deliver.

To position themselves in the market, some online marketers are using negative reviews to draw the attention of unsuspecting customers to their sites and blogs. Once these consumers visit their sites, they are directed to the Market America links and once they click on them they end up purchasing the same products from the company.

Currently there are over 180,000 distributors who are active and so far over a1 billion dollars have been paid on commissions. Due to impatience and bad sales and marketing skills, some distributors have abandoned the business on the way and have turned to negativity towards these incredible products. Since the marketing model of Market America focuses on commissions for products sold, many distributors who had joined thing it is an easy way of making quick money have turned to other businesses.

The Market America reviews are as a result of the commissions paid to distributors. These are sales based and one has to purchase 200 units of products or business volume (BV). For one to start earning the 80% commission based on BV, they have to sell high volumes because each dollar is equivalent to 0.8 BV. All the points accumulated are paid at the end of each month.

It should be noted that the Market America is a legitimate and successful marketing strategy which prides itself of high quality health care and beauty products. The commission plan is also straight forward and the distributions channels are functional making it an ideal business opportunity to make ends meet while taking care of your family needs and paying your utility bills as well.

With a straight forward commission scheme, Market America ensures they treat their distributors in a transparent manner to ensure the products reach the consumer and improving their lives. Sustaining a profitable network marketing business like Market America requires the availability of products and a good and functional route to market. A failure on the part of a few distributors does not translate to the company failure. It is clear that this is a legit company with life changing products for both the distributors and the consumer as well.

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