Details That Help To Explain More About Private Label Indoor Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

Many stores who offer multiple brands offer tan products produced by private label indoor tanning lotion companies. These products are not labeled with the information of who actually manufactured them, rather they are labeled with the information of another brand. These products are often priced lower than other major brands and are sometimes used by stores as their "store brand".

Just one of the many private label products on the market today, is this type of lotion. This product is often confused with other items for this purpose, however it differs in multiple ways. First, it does not contain any sunscreen or other form of sun protection. Second, these lotions, unlike sunless tan products, require ultra violet light to function properly.

Tanning beds and booths are the most common source of the UV light needed for these lotions. The products themselves contain ingredients made to react or work with UV light, such as different forms of the element copper, melanin, and tea tree or hemp seed oils. They are also formulated to be used with specialized bed acrylics which are often damaged by regular sunless tanning products.

The miniaturization of skin is one of the biggest reasons people use these products before going under UV light. It is common for those beds to dry the skin out. Such lotions are made to hydrate and moisturize skin that is exposed to UV light.

These items are just that, meant for indoor use only. By their nature, they do not provide any sort of protection from the sun, and should not be relied on for that reason. These products are designed specifically for use with such methods and consumers should not use them if they do not intend to use one of these methods to get their skin darker.

Different results and usages call for different kinds of lotions. Some lotions have exfoliating properties that help people whose dry skin would produce less than optimal results. Usually these exfoliating lotions are intended to be used by those who visit both beds and spray tan booths.

Other private label indoor tanning lotion items include ingredients that provide quicker results, thus reducing the amount of time needed in the tan bed. This is great for those who worry about the risks of the practice and want to minimize their time spent using them. Yet another kind lotion for inside use is designed to rid users of unsightly tan lines.

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